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My name is Tatiana Lange and Im a 22 yo illustrator and concept artist with a focus on the fantasy genre.
Aside from my work, I have a big passion for biological sciences and zoology, which led me to study Marine Biology for 3 years. Though my real vocation has always been art, I feel that having experienced a scientific career has given me not only the mental challenge that I sought, but also strong imagery foundations and knowledge from which I can make my artwork and concepts richer.

I was a big 'book worm' since I can remember and the thrill of recreating those imagined worlds on paper has never left me. Reading, travelling, games, music, movies and documentaries are all my preferred activities and the fuel of my imagination.

Currently based on Chile, South America.

  • 5 DailyDeviations awarded by DeviantArt

  • Worked on the game DRAKOS KEEP

  • Worked for the Card Game company 'Mitos y Leyendas'

  • Name: Tatiana Lange

  • Date of birth: 27th of October / 1996

  • Location: Chile

  • Education: Graduated from Bradford School, awarded Best in Arts. Currently a Marine Biology student at the Andres Bello University

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