Looking for an image for a book cover, music album cover, or similar and found one of my pieces could be fitting? 

Licensing a Pre-made image saves you the cost of the commission! 

You can check the price of the Commercial Licences here.

If the image wanted is a Pre-made and not commissioned by the client, the price from which the royalty fee is based will be an estimate defined by the artist.

The price of the image itself WON'T be charged, ONLY the royalty fee.

The image CAN be adjusted and cropped to fit a format, fonts can also be added, but it wont be artistically altered (colors, composition, repainting,etc). 

Feel free to inquire about the availability of a specific piece and its licence price.

Note that not all pieces may be available for all kinds of licensing, most are only available for Non-Exclusive licences. Feel free to contact me about it.


Pre-made image estimated at $300. The 2 year Non-exclusive license (50% of image price) will be $150. You will only be requested to pay $150 for the licence, not the price of the image.

Examples of Pre-made images available: